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  • I’ve attended Andrew’s sales peer meetings through TechConnex. Andrew consistently shares tactics and strategies that I can implement right away to improve performance. He’s always open to challenge assumptions, field questions and share his experience. Together this has helped me to focus my talents and skills to set targets and get results. I’d recommend Andrew to tech sales people looking to move to the next level.

    - Karen Temple

  • I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with and alongside Andrew. In my 15+ years in sales, I have never come across someone so dedicated in living and sharing the fundamentals of provocative based selling. Sales is so natural to Andrew, largely due to the fact that he lives completely inside the world he teaches. The art of communication, patience and open mindedness are all vital […]

    - Steve McIntosh, Senior Account Manager at AVI-SPL

  • Working with Andrew has just been a great benefit to our team, organization and to me personally. Andrew’s technique in building successful sales teams starts with the strengths and development of the individuals and matches that to the organizational goals and objectives. I have been lucky enough to experience this first hand. He is the epitome of “practice what you preach” but he doesn’t stop there. His dedication and commitment […]

    - Cayla Charles, Business & Talent Developer

  • Open, generous, connected, expert knowledge … to see, to truly understand, the simple within the complex speaks to true expertise. These are but a few ways to describe Andrew Ford, the expert Sales CoPilot, your Sales Coach. In this Knowledge Age, BAI is surrounded by many who profess to be experts because they have conquered the myriad of details that surround their subject matter but few, very few, can move […]

    - Dwayne Bragonier, President, BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc

  • We operate in a highly competitive market and Andrew helped us refine our value proposition and implement a sales process that differentiates us from our competitors. Our customers often comment on the quality of the sales “experience” and how we made it easy for them to understand their own needs and how the SpendMap solution will improve their business results. This differentiation in the sales experience is due in no […]

    - Darin Portnoff – Spendmap

  • Working with Andrew was a milestone in the history of Windmill Software. We improved our sales results, and he helped us refine the value positioning in our targets markets that we are still using. Many of the principles we learned from Andrew still guide our decision making today, four years later. Finally, we have continued to find him to be a valuable and generous resource that we can turn to […]

    - Jo-Anne Kempe – Windmill Software

  • I met Andrew when he was working with a client of mine. I have since brought him in twice to help with client projects, and continue to meet with him to share ideas. He brings a dynamic intellect and perspective to every discussion that stretches far beyond his sales expertise. At the same time, he continually brings his insights back to a selling context and looks for ways to position […]

    - Wayne Scott – Action Strategies

  • Andrew’s sales coaching is as inspirational as it is insightful. Now I finally have the tools and the confidence needed to manage the entire sales process, which has taken my success to an entirely new level!”

    - Carol-Ann – Workplace Medical Corp.

  • I am constantly in awe of Andrew’s ability to parse information. The way you filter, extract and help amplify and connect key messages within content is only what my unconscious is capable of. To do it for hours on end in a conscious way is real talent as it requires detailed thought about thought. And your calm aura around all of this is a beacon. For anyone considering Andrew’s services, […]

    - Mark Bowden – TruthPlane

  • I have collaborated with Andrew on numerous initiatives.  His strategic advice and support is always phenomenal.  He was instrumental in guiding me through the sale of a major leadership consulting project to Walmart last winter.  Andrew has a powerful intellect that grasps the kernel of an idea quickly, and immediately adds value.  He continues to help me focus my business, and certainly lives by the motto “givers gain”.

    - Kate Erickson

The Five Ingredients of a Winning Sales Team

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Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals

Sales is about credibility. Gaining credibility is about building trust. Trust is established in a variety of verbal and non-verbal ways. Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals is an important guide to help you control the conversation and connect with customers, without saying a word.

Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals