7 Steps to Sales Results for Life

The most common complaint of entrepreneurs and SME CEO’s is sales and sales results. They are not reliable, they are inconsistent. Improvements are possible for a little while, but prove illusive. Hockey stick metaphors describe many salespeople’s results. Why does all this happen?  It happens because there is a lot of very fuzzy thinking in the sales world.

Sales is a funny business.


Every business needs to sell, but they don’t teach it in business school. Instead, for many entrepreneurs and CEO’s, especially in the technology sector, they are left with a bewildering array of advice around finding talent, buying CRM’s, creating the right compensation plan, using resellers, and other parts oriented ideas. But no one comes in and says, “I will show you how to take care of the whole thing.”

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Until now…7 Steps to Sales Results for Life is a soup to nuts exercise.

It allows you to align your sales operations with your business strategy. It will show you how to learn from your sales results and make the adjustments necessary to drive inconsistencies out of those results. 7 Steps for Sales Results for Life will give you a new understanding of the sales function in your business, and a framework to finally gain control of that function to drive your success.