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Andrew Ford, Sales CoPilot, Inc.

Sell More, Sell Faster

My name is Andrew Ford, and I am a Sales Performance Specialist.  I work with clients to build performance management systems that speed up their sales cycles.  Within my network of associates I can help you find answers to More, whether it is leads, channels, talent, or funding; but first I will work with you to make your system go Faster.


Sales organizations that have optimized their tactics and processes to maximize the efficiency and throughput of their sales cycles can draw a direct line between investing in sales capacity and lead volume to increases in sales revenues and business growth.


Show companies that high sales performance begins by learning how to sell faster, then adding capacity to sell more.  Doing this requires understanding how to streamline every part of building the sales organization.


When organizations look for growth they mistakenly focus on more:

  • Let’s hire more salespeople
  • Let’s add more channel partners
  • Let’s build a network of resellers
  • Let’s get marketing to find us leads
  • Let’s find more prospects

All of these strategies are expensive, and typically add costs and hurt margin.  In addition, when they are piled onto inefficient sales performance models they reduce the financial effectiveness of the team as measured in revenue produced per resource or the contribution margin of the team.

In fact, many sales teams actually cost more than they contribute, if it was not for the life time value of the customers some companies would not survive at all.  Last time I checked my notes sales is not supposed to be a cost center!

The biggest reason for these negative consequences is that when you just add capacity onto a sales system with poor efficiencies that relies on a few key resources to get things done, these key resources  become overwhelmed by all the junk in the pipeline.  Think of your key engineers or product managers sitting in presentations to prospects that are never going to buy, or sales managers explaining something about the product, market, or customers to a salesperson that they should have known months ago.  Remember the great salesperson who has to wait two weeks to schedule their presentation or key meeting because the engineer or sales manager are booked in one of these other inefficient meetings.

These are just quick examples of what goes wrong when you add capacity into a bad system.  The Pareto Rule is rampant, and for every good salesperson you hire, you bring in four that will under deliver, or worse never deliver.  Unfortunately all five are going to put pressure on your resources.  The money you spend on these four salespeople is better spent working with your best people now to figure out what makes the system go fast.  Then use those insights to build recruiting, on-boarding, prospecting, lead qualifying, forecasting, collaboration, and performance metrics to continuously improve every step in the process of building your sales organization and growing your business.

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