Emz2: Momentium Gamified Learning System

Emz2 is the developer of the Momentium Gamified Learning System at the core of Sales CoPilot Academy.  This sales training system is rooted in the science of learning: Consistency, Frequency and Mastery that can be retained and applied in real life. No other program combines these three essential principles.


There are fundamental laws that dictate success in every pursuit. From sports to medicine to physics to success in sales, long-term improvement hinges on identifying the basics and drilling those skills until they become second nature.

True, measurable results can only be achieved when core competencies are consistently practiced to the point of ownership.


How often is enough? Once a week is better than once a month, but it’s not enough to commit new ideas and skills to long-term memory.

Fact: without ongoing repetition, 95% of what is learned is fugitive within 30-60 days.

Ownership of learning is built through constant application of consistent techniques and skills over a period of at least six months.

Real learning demands frequent repetition.


At what point can mastery be realized?

Super-natural, prodigal talents may be the stuff of comic book heroes and one-in-a-generation legends. Even then, the innate ability to be great fully develops through 9-10 years of practice.

True mastery is a belief in oneself. A commitment to learn and perfect. An expectation of performance on command. Like the brakes on your car or the landing gear on an airplane … they have to kick in all the time, every time, without exception.

The underpinning of this self-belief is practice.

Consistent, frequent practice of the right skills is the true path to mastery.

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