The Sales CoPilot Academy™

Embedded Sales Training & Coaching

The Sales Skills Development Program through 6, 12, or 24 -Month Simulation Based Sales Training & Coaching in the Cloud

For adults, turning new skills into new habits and behaviors takes time, but typical sales training programs expect salespeople to turn new skills into new habits and behaviours quickly. Teams are sporadically sent to off-site training events, drink from a fire hose of new skills for one to five days, then return to the office and try to use those skills in their work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of new skills to remember, and the trainer is not with them on or after the call to remind them about what to do.  In the end, most participants fail to fully adopt all of the new skills, their results do not change, and the business becomes disappointed with the whole training effort. The solution is to extend the learning experience long enough to ensure the skills turn into new habits and behaviours. To do this means the training and coaching must be embedded into your teams’ development.

Sales CoPilot Academy™ is powered by emz2’s Momentium on-line portal based sales training program for self-study. The program is then supported in bi-weekly video conference calls in small intimate class sizes. The video conference is facilitated by a Sales CoPilot who reinforces the simulation training and integrates the lessons into the daily habits and behaviours of the participants. Through the 6, 12, and 24 month programs your salespeople do not just learn new skills; they learn how to use those skills in their regular sales calls.

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Sales CoPilot Academy™

Sales Peer Groups

Want to try before you buy?

If you would like to check out the sales coaching content and techniques of Andrew Ford, we invite you to attend a TechConnex Sales Peer Group being offered at two Toronto locations (Markham and Downtown).

TechConnex Peer Groups (formerly the YTA) are only open to TechConnex members, however, if you would like to attend as a special guest, please contact us and we’ll make arrangements for you to attend a session.

Check out the Sales Peer Group coaching content here.

YTA-Sales-Peer-Group-Markham-Schedule-and-Plan-2013---2014 YTA-Sales-Peer-Group-Markham-Schedule-and-Plan-2013---2014
YTA Sales Peer Group Markham
Schedule and Plan 2014 – 201
YTA Sales Peer Group Toronto
Schedule and Plan 2014 – 2015