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Andrew Ford
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Success is Doing It Once

Mastery is Doing It Again & Again

Sarah Lewis: Embrace the Near Win

This Ted Talk captures the value and effort greatness demands.  In a time where “good enough” is the end of most learning efforts, Sarah Lewis shows us where the path to greatness lies.

Sarah LewisThis talk embodies the beliefs that underlie the principles of Sales CoPilot Academy: sales skills mastery comes from deliberate practice.  We live in a culture that prizes the quick win, the overnight sensation, and immediate results.  As Sarah says, there is so little that is vocational about our culture that we have almost forgotten what doggedness and determination to master a skill looks like.  We struggle to distinguish the difference between a moment of fleeting success and a skill mastered.  Success is getting something right once, while mastery is knowing you can get it right again and again.  Imagine the difference in yourself as a salesperson if you had the chance to practice like Sarah Lewis’ archers, or if as a manager you had a team of those archers! How much easier would it be to achieve your business’ goals?

Sales Skills Mastery

Too many of us refine our sales skills through the experience of day-to-day sales events: in the game so to speak.  Maybe we had training to begin with, but now we are “good enough” to experience some success in our sales efforts year-over-year.  This level of good is the enemy of great.  As Sarah Lewis says, many people have forgotten what vocational discipline even looks like.  For Sales CoPilot, sales skills mastery is grounded in the desire for constant learning, practice, and improvement against an ultimately unattainable goal: perfection.  It is a persistent effort to learn, practice, apply, win/lose, and repeat.  Sales CoPilot and Emz2 have created a program in the Sales CoPilot Academy for participants to practice like Sarah Lewis’ archers in a quest to achieve sales skills mastery.

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