Sales CoPilot Academy Student Testimonials

Steve Tafeit

As a Sales Rep in the early stages of my career I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with Andrew Ford and benefit from the Sales CoPilot Academy. I’ve learned and implemented practices that have had a profound positive impact on not only my performance in my role, but indeed my overall professional and personal development.

I found the Academy to be very effective due to the seamless integration of Andrew’s in-person coaching and the Momentium application building upon one another with a consistent philosophy and terminology.

Specifically regarding Momentium, I’ve learned to take a step back and observe the repeatable process of a sales call in a way that I hadn’t before.The structured flow and reoccurring themes within the application have helped me to internalize an effective sales call process. It’s also helped me to understand my own communication style, how to identify that of my prospect and how to adjust accordingly. I feel much more equipped to communicate effectively in a style that will resonate with my prospects while building a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust.

The in-person coaching portion of the Academy program has taught me what it takes to be a successful sales professional from an external and internal point of view. 

Externally, I’ve learned solid techniques for engaging with my clients in a more meaningful and collaborative way. From initial discovery calls where I find I am now constantly seeking to understand “Why is this canoe in the water, and who put it there?”, to cooperating with clients on strategic plans that move an opportunity towards a successful close from the outset.

Internally, I’ve learned to own my role by developing a plan for the future which I seek to act upon every day. Without a doubt one of the most important things I have learned is the need to quickly identify which opportunities are worth pursuing. By taking an objective look at my pipeline and applying effective time and priority management techniques I have learned to focus on activities that are truly important in achieving my goals.

Overall, Andrew’s uplifting approach in executing a seamless integration of in-person coaching and the Momentium application has been nothing short of first class!

Karen Morris

Summary of my Sales Academy experience

One of the first teachings I was fortunate to learn from Andrew Ford was “Teach, Tailor, Take Control.” This is critical to building relationships with prospects to become their trusted advisors. The strategy of “Teach, Tailor, Take Control” is supported by the Momentium program structure of providing select questions & statements to help students learn to ask the right questions, in the right order, that will resonate with your prospects and cause them to think. Tailoring your approach to the communication style of the prospect you are working with is essential to moving forward in the sales process. Once you’ve taught and tailored, the prospect will be ready to let you take control. Andrew’s coaching style of asking questions during our Sales Academy sessions certainly matches this style. It also ensures that students of the Academy are not only learning, but also retaining the knowledge and experience gained from the program. 

“Amateurs practice until they get it right, Professionals until they can’t get it wrong.” Having the option to repeat the processes in Momentium until I am comfortable and also having a coach willing to repeat and re-approach lessons (I.e. The Fat vs. Fit Sales Funnel) in our sessions until they really stick is another element of the program I find critical to my own learning and development.

“Know when to walk away.” This is something I am guilty of not doing in my career to date. It sounds simple, but much of the sales training and mentoring I experienced in the past actually encouraged never walking away, this approach really robs sales professionals of critical time that could be spent building relationships with viable prospects, instead of chasing ones (the wrong buses) that will never partner with you or see you as a trusted advisor.

“Plan for a year that comes to life every day.” This is a key element from our most recent session that I am very keen to delve deeper into in or upcoming sessions. Calendar blocking while measuring “urgency” against “importance” to ensure successful career development while achieving short term and long term goals with your organization. One of my goals is to have a calendar with marked out time blocks that I can work with and follow every day, with consideration that one of the goals of the organization is to include proactive prospecting in our operating plans. I will be better equipped to do this than I ever have been after more in depth coverage of this in our upcoming sessions.

To sum up; I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to experience Sales Academy training with Andrew Ford as my coach. It has already made a significant impact on my selling style and I am confident that it will continue to contribute to my professional development. I look forward to the Momentium Missions and in person training sessions with Andrew that lay ahead.

Carter Durant

To say my experience throughout the Sales Academy has been excellent, would be an understatement.

The Academy was structured to not only allow open conversation but to encourage conversation within a constructive environment.  As someone who is new to the “business” and “sales” world, this style of learning allowed the freedom for me to feel comfortable and to offer my insight without the fear of answering something wrong.   The trust was built within the group to ask questions when I was not sure of the answer and be instructed to the right answer in a thorough manner.

There are many key processes and mentalities learned in the past 4 months that will help me grow as a sales professional, business professional and a person.  The concept of time management was common throughout the Academy in many streams. Knowing “what busses to chase” is metaphor that will stick with me.

Another key learning element I have taken away is learning the difference between important and urgent. I have learned that you need to set aside time to do the important work that you have identified and not to allow urgent material to take priority.  Learning how to distinguish between the two is a valuable skill that I will be able to practice throughout my career.

The key learning I have taken away from the Sales Academy is the fact that a sales call should sound and feel like a normal comfortable conversation.  It is all about asking the right questions at the right time to identify a prospects true needs, and then gaining their trust by showing them how you can help them.
Overall the Sales Academy has provided me the confidence and the skills to engage and enter into the sales and business world.  Thursdays from 10:00am to 12:00pm are my favorite part of my work week.  I truly
look forward to learning what ways I will be challenged next and what skills I can add to my tool kit.

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