Sales Management Coaching through the 7 Steps to Sales Results for Life Guide

Let’s Work Together to Get You Where You Want to Go

Many entrepreneurs find the design, implementation, and management of the sales function to be an overwhelming task.  In many cases, their background is not in sales management, or sales period.  They have achieved their current results through a deep understanding of their product and customers, not through a deep understanding of sales processes or sales management.  For these entrepreneurs Sales CoPilot has built the 7 Steps to Sales Results for Life Guide, which you can download below and work through on your own.  For those who want more active help, Sales CoPilot offers Sales Management Coaching through each of the 7 Steps in the guide for the Entrepreneur .

This coaching program is a collaborative partnership that will ensure you get everything right in the sales function and create a system that will deliver winning results throughout the life of your business.

Sales CoPilot’s high performance sales coaching program consists of:

  • 1/1 Coaching with the Entrepreneur
  • Research and Design in support of your Sales Strategy, Organization, and Playbooks
  • Coordination with Partners to deliver Recruiting, CRM, and Marketing solutions

There are two contract options:

  • as needed hourly rates
  • a structured work schedule with a retainer

The coaching sessions are performed via video conferencing to keep your costs low and the your value high.


  • A Professionally Designed , Resourced, and Managed Sales Business Function Able to Deliver Sales Results for Life

To find out more about our high performance sales services, download 7 Sales Steps to Results for Life.

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