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3 Ways to Spot a Future Sales Manager

Andrew Ford
By | High Performance Sales Tips, Sales Leadership | July 4, 2013 | Comments (0)

Searching For a Sales ManagerToo many organizations, and salespeople themselves, think the best sales manager comes from the best salespeople.

The fact is that what makes a great hunter is often the opposite of what makes a great sales manager.  Great hunters are high energy, hyper competitive, independent do it yourself drivers that take no nonsense and get things done.  These are great assets to the organization and critical attributes to sales success.  Unfortunately, this fierce independence and self-reliance is often ill suited to the patience required to invest in the performance of others.

Three ways to identify a future sales manager:

  1. They are consistent top quartile sales performers, not the best all the time, but always on the leader board.  (If they cannot sell they cannot lead.)
  2. They have good relations throughout the organizations.  They are natural co-operators and collaborators that the rest of the organization respects and trusts. (As much as they trust any salesperson that is!)
  3. They help the rest of the team and are quick to share ideas.  (Pure hunters keep their secrets to themselves.)

The great measure of a sales manager is the question,

If you were watching a salesperson do something differently than you would in a sales call, could you resist stepping in to fix it?”

For the hunter the answer is no.  In fact, most do not have the patience to even let the meeting get that far, they step in out of the gate.  The problem with this approach is the junior in the call never gets to test their skills, or develop their skills.  The best managers are great coaches.  This is not to say they can be poor salespeople themselves, on the contrary they have to be good salespeople in their own right.  They need to be there to help when they are needed, and they need to know what it takes to win.  It is just they have to be wired to teach, develop, and work through others.

Watch your team and look for the above average reps that do these three things:

  • Consistent performance
  • Respect from the rest of the organization
  • Naturally help everyone.

Leave us your comments. What makes a great sales manager in your organization?

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